Course Description: CAPO


Each course carries 4 credits (3 Class Credits, 1 Paper Credit) = 40
Thesis carries 15 credits
Total Credit= 55

CAPO01 Apologetics Research and Writing
This is an introductory course to research and writing in the area of apologetics. The course aims to develop and improve skills necessary for advanced research and effective writing. It introduces the student to historical, philosophical, contextual, theological, and literary research methods.

CAPO02 History of Christian Apologetics
The course is an historical introduction to apologetics beginning from the New Testament accounts to the Church Fathers and the various significant works and lives of Christian apologists throughout various periods in the history of Christianity.

CAPO03 Philosophy of Religion
This course is an introduction to the general philosophy of religion and aims at helping the student evaluate the various different views in the areas of epistemology, metaphysics, and ethics of religion.

CAPO04 Epistemological Foundations of Christian Apologetics
This course aims to introduce the learner to epistemic foundations of various apologetic approaches. Some of the foundations surveyed are rationalist apologetics, empirical apologetics, evidentialism, fideism, foundationalism, Reformed epistemology, and rational fideism.

CAPO05 Biblical Apologetics
This course is an introduction to various methods of biblical criticism, theories of scripture, theology of revelation, and the doctrines of inspiration, infallibility, and inerrancy.

CAPO6 Christian Identity in a Pluralistic World
This course examines the essential identity of the Christian in a growingly pluralistic world. It looks at the various approaches in the theology of religions and aims to help the student evaluate Christian missions in the midst of a pluralistic society.

CAPO07 Apologetical Theology
This is an apologetical introduction to the various doctrines of Christianity. It surveys major approaches in the area of natural theology and philosophical theology.

CAPO08 Scientific Apologetics
This course is an introduction to the issue of the conflict between science and faith. It deals with topics such as evolutionism and creationism, Genesis flood accounts, and aims to help the learner look at the various questions raised by science regarding Christian beliefs.

CAPO09 Contextual Apologetics
This course surveys approaches in apologetical theology in the specific contexts of India, Asia, South America, Africa and other places where contextual meaning plays important role in the manner of communication. It looks at theories of culture and of religion.

CAPO10 Apologetics Communication
This course introduces the learner to theories, models, and practice of communication. It aims to develop verbal, non-verbal, and global communication skills in the learner. It looks at the use and limits of media, social media, and other means of communication in modern times.


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