MTh (Counseling)


Bi-lingual Program (Hindi and English)

The degree of Master of Theology (M.Th.) in Christian Counseling is a post-graduate degree offered by Central India Theological Seminary. The primary purpose of this program is to train Christian leaders to biblically minister to the psychological and spiritual needs in families and personal lives. The degree is also a preparatory program for advanced study and research at the doctoral level.

1. Objectives
The main purpose of the M.Th. Degree program is:
a. To train theological graduates in the theory and practice of Christian counseling.
b. To equip the candidates with knowledge and practical skills for the right application of Biblical principles to problem solving in real life situations.
c. To help Christian leaders have the Shepherd’s heart and understanding to lead His sheep.

2. Admission Requirements
a. M.Div. or B.D. (II class) or its equivalent degree from a recognized institution or M.A./M.Sc. in Psychology or Counseling with ministerial experience and completion of biblical foundation course.
b. Proficiency in the English/Hindi language for critical study and reflection.
c. A ministerial experience of not less than the aggregate of 12 months over a period of 1-3 years.
d. A valid medical certificate of fitness for higher studies.
e. An indication of financial support for undertaking the program.
f. Duly filled application form with copies of mark sheets, photographs, and recommendation letters from Christian leaders as required (the original mark sheet has to be submitted on admission).

3. Duration of Study
The M.Th. degree requires two years of full time study as an internal (residential) student in the Seminary. Any exception to this rule should have the prior permission of the Academic Committee failing which the candidate’s registration will be terminated.

4. Mode of Study
The mode of study shall be modular. Each module is a package of class lectures, discussions, tests, examination, and research work related to the module course. Each class will be bilingual (Hindi/English) with primary concentration on Hindi communication. Resources used will be bi-lingual.

5. Course Requirements
a. A candidate shall be required to pass 10 required courses and complete 2 months of internship in counseling.
b. S/he will also be required to submit a thesis of 30,000 words on a subject approved by the Dean of Academic Studies.

6. Thesis
All M.Th. candidates are expected to take a common research methodology course on thesis writing.

The following rules must be observed regarding the preparation of the submission of the thesis:
a. A candidate shall submit his or her thesis proposal to the Dean for approval immediately after the completion of the sixth module.
b. A candidate writing the M.Th. thesis is expected to work under the supervision of a qualified member of the staff of Seminary.
c. The thesis must be printed on one side of an A4 sized paper and bound in stiff covers.
d. Three copies of the thesis must be submitted to the Dean of Academic Studies not later than March 31st of the Second year of M.Th. studies.
e. The length of the thesis shall be about 30,000 words.
f. The thesis should be written in the English or Hindi language.
g. The thesis should be the original work of the candidate and must be free of typographical and grammatical errors.
h. Quotations and references should be acknowledged in footnotes or endnotes and a bibliography of books consulted should be appended to the thesis.
i. In awarding grades for the thesis, examiners will take into consideration the following points:
(i) Accuracy and range of knowledge of the subject as demonstrated by the subject-matter of the thesis.
(ii) Coherence of the argument.
(iii) Originality of thought.
(iv) Presentation (format, printing, etc.).
j. Abstracts: A candidate shall also submit with the thesis three copies of an abstract of approximately 300 words. The abstract shall be a brief summary of the problem, the methodology followed in the research and the main findings. When a thesis is re-submitted following revision, three copies of a revised abstract shall also be submitted.
k. Prior permission from the Seminary must be obtained before a writer publishes his/her thesis. When published, the author will be expected to deposit five printed copies to the Seminary with due acknowledgement.

7. Examination and Evaluation
A student is expected to read assigned books and write reviews, as well as write and pass a written examination (or do a research paper on an approved topic) to prove his accuracy and range of knowledge of the particular course in order to complete it.

a. Grading and Marks
50% points in each course will be required to pass the examination. The final grading shall be as follows:
First Class Second Class Third Class Failure
A+ (80% and above) B+ (65%) C+ (50%) D (30%)
A (75%) B (60%) C (45%) E (20%)
A- (70%) B- (55%) C- (40%) F (10%)

b. Withdrawal or Absence from Examinations:
A candidate who withdraws from the examinations or who fails to take the examinations for which he/she has been entered shall forfeit the examination fees.

8. Fees
The total fees for the MTh course will be Rs. 32,000/-. It can be paid in four installments. For day scholars, there will be a rebate of the fees, depending on the facilities they choose to avail of in the campus.

9. Graduation
The Convocation of the Seminary is held every year during the FPCGI Annual Convention at Itarsi, M.P. Every student who has qualified to receive the M.Th. Degree is expected to attend the Convocation held after the year in which he/she qualified to receive his/her degree in person.

10. Orientation
Research Methodology

11. Required Courses for the Master of Theology Degree in Christian Counseling
CC01 Introduction to Biblical Counseling
CC02 Theology of Pastoral Care and Counseling
CC03 Theories of Personality and Personality Development
CC04 Counseling Theories and Techniques
CC05 Leadership Counseling & Mentorship
CC06 Pre-marital, Marriage, and Family Counseling
CC07 Cross Cultural Counseling
CC08 Clinical Counseling & Healing
CC09 Grief and Crises Counseling
CC10 Psychotherapy and Counseling in the Treatment of Addiction and Abuse

Counseling Internship – 2 months

Resource Persons:
Dr. Matthew K. Thomas, MSc, Ph.D, Th.D. (Systematic Theology, Counseling)
Dr. Domenic Marbaniang, MDiv, MA, MPhil, PhD (Religion & Cross-Cultural Studies)
Dr. Daryl Merrill, Sr., MA, Ph.D. (Pastoral Theology)
Dr. Mark Cowart, Ph.D. (Pastoral Theology, Ministry)
Dr. Sheryl Johnson, Ph.D. (Counseling)
Dr. Bijoy Thomas, MD (Clinical Counseling)
Dr. Melissa Thomas, D.Pharm. (Counseling)
Dr. Carl Johnson, Ph.D. (Theology)
Dr. George K. Thomas (Practical Theology)
Dr. Babu Vergheese, Ph.D. (Career and Vocational Counseling)