Next MTh Modules (Sept 8-20)

The next MTh modules will be held from September 8 to 20. Admissions are open anytime throughout the year. Kindly contact through the Contact page for quick information.



Last Module for Batch 2013-2015

The 10 required modules for the Batch 2013-2015 will wrap up with the final one, Biblical Apologetics, closing on August 31. The classes wrap up on July 12, following which the scholars will need to do rigorous book reviews and research writing on topics related to the modules. They will then qualify for their next phase of research and thesis writing.

The professors for modules conducted during 2013-2014 were
Prof. Chris Ullman, Dr. Domenic Marbaniang, Dr. Beilsy Isaac, Dr. Paul Vallee, Dr. V. Babu, and Dr. Siga Arles.